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Gary Pryor

New York and Washington both become drowsy when it comes to their social life in August. However, they don’t sleep completely. At the Spy Club, more than 300 young socials showed up the other night to attend a party held to benefit Network Education Foundation.

With the Cajun zydeco band Loup Garou in full swing, the dance floor was packed with people having the time of their lives. The private lounge was filled to the brim by Spy Club members who were busy playing pool and talking about their summer travels to Southampton, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard.

Eye Scoop

Does Donna ever stop? With the announcement of her company going public, Donna Karan has pulled together several outfits for Conan O’Brien, who is all set to be the new host of NBC’s “Late Night” from September 13.

“It’s a very casual look, something he’ll be very comfortable in.” said a Karan spokesman, who noted that O’Brien stylist picked a select few suits and sweaters. According to various sources, Donna isn’t the only designer selected for the show.

“Conan would rather let the look speak for itself,” said Wendy Schecter, O’Brien’s stylist, when asked what style Conan would prefer. “He doesn’t want it to be a fashion thing, he just wants it to be a great show.”

RuPaul may no longer be participating in the “Ziegfield Follies,” but the drag queen’s journey is far from over. According to his manager, Randy Barbato, RuPaul is becoming more and more fascinated with the video camera.

“For the last six months, he’s been filming a sort of video diary,” he says. “It’s sort of her own version of “Truth or Dare.” And he’s been taking it with him everywhere.”

The film will be titled “Born Naked”, and features various people, among them being Karl Lagerfeld and L.L. Cool J.

Moreover, RuPaul fans, in case they don’t about it already, should be ready for his third video, “A Shade Shady, Now Prance,” which has two different versions, a censored and an uncensored one, where RuPaul appears topless.

This month, RuPaul will be going to L.A. to meet Bob Mackle. For all those people who know about RuPaul, they would know that Bob Mackle had to be the most obvious choice to dress him when the MTV awards take place on September 2.

New York seems insatiable when it comes to opening new bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. The list keeps on growing.

Frederick Lesort, who is a partner of two of the most famous places in town for Euro-model-fashion sets – Jour et Nuit Restaurant and Frederick’s Bar – is planning to open another place in October. While it hasn’t been given a name as of yet, it is confirmed that it will be located at Varick and Vandam Streets, most famously known for the former J.S Vandam, The Falls, and Patrice. Mark Baker will be taking on the role of promoter while also being a partner of Frederick Lesort for this project. Baker has made sure that Metro C.C., Country Club at Conscience Point, and other night spots.

Uptown is also seeing new spots about to be opened. Michael Alt and Gary Pryor own chunks of the chic and ultra-modern Merc Bar, the SoHo watering hole, and will open a new bar-restaurant which will be called Metrodeon, at 40 East 80th Street, with Mark Biron as their party promoter.

Alexander Julian, a famous designer for men’s wear, will allegedly give all the attendees of his fashion show a sneak peek at his latest women’s line for spring ’94. Julian had decided to take himself out of women’s wear since 1989, so it is quite exciting to see what this would come to. Julian has just given a hint that the four outfits shown will be “just a tease.”

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