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Tips to Improve Your Baking Skills by Gary Pryor

Baking Skills

Baking is a great way to make the best use of your free time. It helps you stay productive and is also a lovely way to experiment with different things in the kitchen. If you like being in the kitchen, baking is surely for you!

In this guide, Gary Pryor talks about improving your baking skills.

Improving Your Baking Skills by Gary Pryor

If you love baking but aren’t great at it, don’t worry! You will be able to improve your baking skills with time. Here are a few valuable tips by Gary Pryor that can help.

1.     Follow the Recipe as It Is

Try to follow through with the recipe, just as mentioned. Only trained chefs have the expertise to add new things or change the recipe up a bit to suit their taste. However, following the recipe fully allows you to increase your chances of baking the right thing.

2.     Get Great Quality Ingredients

Try getting the best quality ingredients you can for the best taste. For example, chocolate chips come in wide varieties. Get the best quality one. The difference in taste will be massive when you get high-quality ingredients. They will be a little pricier but will help you get the right taste.

3.     Measure the Ingredients Properly

Use the right tools to measure the ingredients. For example, having measuring cups and spoons to help you with the volumes. A little difference in quantity can affect the dish’s taste and eventual turnout.

4.     Use a Calibrated Oven

If you don’t have a calibrated oven, buy one. Many times, the temperature in the oven might not be what the recipe wants you to have. This affects the turnout and the look of your recipe. You can get an oven thermometer if you want to avoid investing in an oven. This can help you set the temperature exactly the way you want.

5.     Keep the Oven Closed

It is tempting to see through the oven how your cake is turning out to be, but if you keep opening the oven to check, the heat escapes. This affects baking and doesn’t allow your cake to cook evenly. So keep the oven closed at all times.

6.     Use Unsalted Butter

Whenever there’s butter in the recipe, we use any type of butter we have in our fridge. Gary Pryor says that this is a lazy approach to baking. Instead, get specifically unsalted butter when baking. Salt can affect your food’s taste and also change the flour’s gluten development. It can also negatively affect the dough’s consistency.

7.     Be Consistent

To improve your baking skills, you must be consistent with them. Try baking something every few days, depending on your schedule. Maybe you could try once a week or more. When you do so, you will see how you slowly get better over time.

Final Words by Gary Pryor

With these valuable tips by Gary Pryor to help improve your baking skills, you will be able to work your way up! Keep working towards it!